Advanced Care Planning And Advance Directive Completion

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Template Initial Steps for an Evidence-Based Project Project Title: Advanced Care Planning and Advance Directive Completion in the Primary Care Setting Student Name: Christina M. Young 1. Introduction: (25 to 50 words) Advanced care planning is critical element in the therapeutic alliance between healthcare team and patient in providing adequate patient-centered care, with the patient a more willing collaborator. This process provides patient, family, and caregiver with realistic expectations about result of treatment and prudent preparation for possible outcomes. Effective advance care planning has been shown to increase satisfaction with care, lower moral distress, lead to healthier bereavement after death, provide timely …show more content…

4. Background and Significance: (50 to 100 words) The Federal Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) of 1991 first brought attention to the importance of advance directives (GAPNA, n.d.). Although regulatory bodies continue to promote advance directives, little has been done to encourage and enforce this initiative, highlighting the need for directed efforts to improve AD completion rates. The overall prevalence of completed advance directives in the United has been estimated that 5-15% (Tung & North, 2009). This indicates a need for programs to educate and empower patients and providers to ensure that dialogue about advanced care planning is initiated early on, and that advance directives are completed. Studies have shown that patients prefer that their primary care doctor initiate such planning while they are in good health and that such planning should occur earlier than it did in terms of age, natural history of disease, and patient-physician relationship. The barriers to advance care planning that have been identified include availability of trained staff, organizational commitment and policy to support advance care planning, and understanding/support of providers (Ramsaroop, Reid, & Adelman, 2007). 5. PICOt

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