Advanced Informatics Management : The Healthcare Sector Essay

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Advanced Informatics Management

Advanced Informatics Management
The healthcare sector is one among the few areas that are vital for the wellbeing of individuals and the societies. Due to people’s dependence on sound healthcare systems, current and emerging technologies have been developed to provide health practitioners, especially nurses with an opportunity to improve patient outcomes. The improved outcome is influenced ease of information access that helps in various decision-making processes. Qualified nurses play a key role in leading unit and organizational changes that focus on incorporating emerging technologies to promote patient safety and enhance quality of care. Based on a case scenario where a healthcare organization is merging with another organization of comparable size, a health information system is required to offer services to underserved populations in a facility with remote technology. As an informatics nurse specialist working in the primary organization, the current paper will highlight the process and rationale for leading a project committee that is tasked with overseeing the migration to a common health information system that meets federal regulatory requirements. Moreover, it will highlight the specific health information system that can be used to promote patient safety and enhance overall quality of care.
Project Committee
The project committee include different people from multiple disciplines…
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