Advanced Level Of Technology And The Human Brain

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Essay 1 Assignment With todays advanced level of technology, we contemplate and entertain the thought of computers actually becoming intelligent through artificial intelligence and eventually out perform the human brain. The problem is not just a struggle between the human brain and the computer processing unit of a machine, but whether or not human engineering and programing is as good or better than mother nature and evolution is or will ever be. The race to develop artificial intelligence that is capable cognitive awareness ultimately turns into a battle between the evolutionary process of nature and the accelerated progress of human science. However, science and nature have vastly different ways in how they process information. Nature has produced intelligence of the brain and awareness in one’s self through evolution. Science is a product of the brain and developed through the progression of human intellect . Any outside influence with the world and stimulus in it is absorbed by the brain and interpreted before the information is transformed into ideas and assembled into knowledge. As Alex Knapp describes the brain as “a parallel processing network, that can actively change through influences by will or environment.” (3) The rapid development of highly sophisticated machines and understanding of science in our lifetime has been nothing short of spectacular human innovation. With the great successes of the past a great number of individuals believe that computers…
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