Technology Changing Brain

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Clive Thompson VS Nicholas Car I have decided to take it upon myself to compare and contrast two stories given to me throughout my semester in English 101.One of which will be Smarter than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better, by author Clive Thompson, it is a story informing us about the history of chess and how humans have been having their brain altered by the use of technology for personal gain. People began working with computers in tandem to win chess matches; this raised many fears that people were becoming too dependent on these machines and unable to make their own decisions. Yet in fact many would find ways of using the computer to throw their opponent off. It would distract and confuse make them much more …show more content…

Leading to short term memory loss, inabilities stay focused or even come up with an original idea. They both enjoy bringing the effects of too much usage are causing a degradation of the human brain, its leading people become dull, they will know a little about a lot.Which wouldn’t have happened if they decided to read an entire book on a subject, versus a few articles they skimmed online about? They are contrasted by the fact that with the chess matches humans are using these machines to just further their own personal goals of beating their opponent.They haven’t become so utterly dependent either on the computers for their chess matches, sometimes the players chose to avoid the answers given to them and used their own technique, which people who just skim on the internet have no choice but to learn what they have skimmed which they will most likely forget in the following few days. Clive Thompson seems more focused on the positive effects of computers having on humans, while Nicholas Carr seems focused on informing people the dangers of using too much internet will affect your brain in negative ways. One of his examples by sharing experiences other people had who openly admitted because of the internet they’ve now lost the ability for long term

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