Advanced Pathophysiology Across Lifesp Case Study

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Advanced Pathophysiology Across Lifespan
Case Studies 1 and 2
Amani Kappi

Case 1: Q1: What is the most likely cause of this patient’s hypocalcemia? Explain your answer?
The most cause of hypocalcemia for this patient is osteomalacia for many reasons. First, this patient had a history of Crohn disease and multiple bowel resection surgeries. That effect on the absorption of vitamin D or breaking down food to release vitamin D. As a result, calcium was decreased because vitamin D decreased which helps to absorb calcium. The second reason is her weight loss 32 pounds after she had surgery three years earlier, which also lead to decrease vitamin D that helps to decrease calcium absorption.
Q2: Which of the following statements regarding laboratory tests in metabolic bone disease is false?Explain your answer?
A) serum calcium is typically normal in the patient with osteoporosis.
b) alkaline phosphatase is typically elevated is osteoporosis.
c) serum phosphorus is typically normal in the patient with Paget disease.
d) patient with hyperparathyroidism often develop hypercalcemia.
a) Serum calcium is typically normal in patient with osteoporosis this is a wrong statement because calcium plays an important role in the bone remodeling process, and the deficiency of calcium leads to impaired bone deposition. So, patient with osteoporosis has low bone strength as a result of calcium deficiency.
Q3: For each of the following metabolic bone disease listed below, give a brief
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