Advanced Software Engineering ( Spring 2015 )

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Advanced Software Engineering (Spring 2015) Exam #3 Name: Chegondi. Santosh Kumar. ID NO: 87169. 1. Explain the 4 areas of cyber law and what they encompass. What is the difference between criminal law, civil law, and administrative law in the area of cyber law? How does Constitutional law differ from the other 3 areas? (200-250 words) The four areas of cyber law are: • Criminal Law. • Civil Law. • Administrative Law. • Constitutional Law. Cyber Law Application: This basically tells us about how the entities who are breaking the establishment cyber laws can come under the criminal actions based upon their actions. Difference between Criminal Law, Civil Law, and Administrative law: Criminal Law: The criminal law basically defines the crimes. The procedure of the criminal area of law is related to criminal law which clearly details the process of prosecuting the crimes. It basically involves in the sectors like search warrant criminal rights and other police actions. Civil Law: • Civil law basically explains about the total structure of the laws that deals with all the private rights of individuals and their remedies that are faced by the victim. • This law also deal with litigation of civil laws between the plaintiffs i.e. the person who bought the other party guy and defendants. • The civil law is surrounded in various areas such as:  Torts.  Contracts.  Intellectual

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