Advancements Of Technology In Technology

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As I was growing up, I never would have of imagined living in a world that would have vehicles that could be intelligent enough to self-drive themselves. In the year on 2040, my children will not be experiencing the life other individuals had to experience especially with driver’s education. Furthermore, in the year 2040, I imagine myself warm and cozy with my two puppies, looking through my bedroom window watching self-driven vehicles speed by my house as I supervise my children as they wait for their self-driven school bus. I will be thinking to myself each day about how much the world has changed in just 22 years. The life that I lived in my teenage years will be nowhere near what my children will be experiencing in their teenage years due to the increase in artificial intelligence on automobiles. In addition, I will have more time on my hands due to the fact that artificial intelligence will have taken over the automobile industry and I will be able to get to and from places much quicker instead of being stressed out while driving. The numerous advancements of technology in the automobile industry will have a significant influence on individuals by adapting to the new style on the roads and inside the self-driven vehicles, all in the result of the advancements in technology and artificial intelligence on vehicles.
Today at 2017, many individuals get anxious about buying a vehicle they can afford, that has good gas mileage, that they believe they would be safe in, and

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