Advantages And Disadvantages

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In undertaking the PGDipBE is an opportunity to gain perspective not only on the academic course, but also the way of life. It is a challenge in meeting different people with different cultures, language, personality and to be independent. Being diverse it promotes awareness and appreciates each other. Learning numerous life experiences in dealing with the tutors, classmates and the people who come across. Having class interactions and group work, understanding each other point of views helps in building camaraderie. After being together no more differences will be felt, discovering each other’s best potentials. More importantly, grows own personal characteristic to be patient, good listener and adaptable to the changes of the environment.

Tutors are all time prepared for class, conduct themselves in a professional manner to encourage students to participate and express own opinion. It helps in developing self-confidence by the way of speaking, expressing oneself and dealing with people. Improved to concentrate and focus on the studies. More organised, motivated, engrossed to read more books and boost professional skills. Discovering to do more things at a given time, became more productive, efficient and applied time management. Drive and determination to keep going on the assign task and be productive.

The first course that is taken is Financing Enterprise, it enhances the knowledge in practical techniques in finance theory, learns to know the basic, flow of money,

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