Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Focus Puller

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A lot of productions reduce their budget by excluding the focus puller, which is another term for camera assistant (AC). They don’t realize that they’re making a mistake by doing so. When the Director of Photography (DP) is anxious about the grips, the lights as well as composition, would you want to leave them also dealing with the duties of lenses and filters?
It’s important for you keep in mind that not every project will need a camera assistant, and it’s a fact that corporate events, reality TV, and documentaries stay alive every so often without having to use a devoted focus puller. Well, there are some situations in which you can’t afford a remote focus puller and plan to go-ahead with a skeleton crew. Then there are times when you may allow a production assistant or intern to shoulder responsibilities of a camera assistant. …show more content…

5. Working with Film
Working with film? Then you will certainly need a professional assistant camera (AC).
If there is any drawback of film over digital it’s that it seems a whole lot easier for one to waste a great amount of money when working with film. Pulling focus is a game that one cannot achieve in the blink of an eye and loading magazines is a main opportunity to damage some stock, and last but certainly not least, the mechanics of the film camera rely on continuous maintenance as well as care.
Don’t consider anyone else, unless you have the right experience working with film on your own. Hire a pro who’s already worked with various film cameras and knows their fine points.
Is Hiring a Focus Puller Important?
A focus puller or the 1st AC (assistant camera) plays a very important role as this person is the one who sets the camera up at the beginning of the day, prepares the camera for every shot, changing the camera speed, lens, filters and so on and so

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