Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Policeman

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When it comes to certain jobs it has a sense of certain levels of responsibilities you have to take on especially when you take on the job of being a policeman. I feel as if being a policeman is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, seeing that you have serve and protect the innocent and also protect yourself from harm's way and also keep a good image for not only yourself but as officer of the law . The job of an officer doesn't stop they work all year around even on holidays. This job brings a lot of stress to your work that sometimes follows you home, which can break families apart, seeing that it takes up so much time. In an interview that I had with Sgt Jerry Erwin of the ( CCSU Police Department) he tells me the reasoning as to why he wanted to be a cop and what are some of the advantages and disadvantage of being a policeman.

In an interview with officer Sgt Jerry Erwin he stated that the first time he wanted to be a cop was when he met a policeman who was a friend of his family. He said that he was in the fourth grade when he met this officer and he liked how the uniformed looked and also how much attention it got when the man walked inside the room , Erwin said it felt as if a superhero had done walked in the room and he knew from that second that he wanted to be just like that man . Even though the power of the uniform caught Erwin's eyes he also paid attention on how the officer was speaking on avoiding drugs by saying no and teaching the kids in the
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