Advantages And Disadvantages Of Business In The Business Market

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Market entry, this operation is better known as a planned procedure established for delivering goods or services to a particular market for the purpose of distribution. This service is utilized as a medium of exporting and importing goods or services. Market entry servicing has been accepted by Belize and many other countries on an international scale. However, this arrangement is established by countries to control contracts in foreign countries right throughout the Caribbean and other parts of the world. Another pertinent reason, international investors who are interested in operating businesses in the country of Belize must be acquainted with Belizean rules and policies that seek to afford rights and conformity to limited company acts of…show more content…
Advantage of large scale production: goods are produce for many reasons for example there is domestic reasons and production for marketing purposes. Production on a large allows producer to have a surplus that can be directed to domestic purposes. Goods that often produce on a large scale level are frequently transported for export to other…show more content…
Increase efficiency: this arrangement helps to sustain a standard level of production it is required of countries involved in transaction such as export and imports of goods to maintain quality goods at a low cost. This would at the same time foster future relationships which would benefit customers worldwide.

Secondly: the disadvantages of international trade

1. Political dependences: After researching international trade, it has been proven that international trade attract some form of unequal treatment and discomfort to workers. It impairs economic independence which endangers political dependence
2. Import of harmful goods: Items that are not durable and are imported to a country often affects the lives of individuals of a country.
3. Shortage of Goods: Important commodities that are needed in a country and they are scarce and are exported for production. As a result of this is causes shortage and inflation.
4. Danger to international peace: this can be cause when persons who are allow who are not citizens of a particular country citizenship that is, to settle down. For example it is unsure by natives what a stranger would to endanger persons
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