Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloning

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Cloning is a useful techniques in producing breed that are genetically identical to valuable adults. The procedure of producing new organism that identical to each other often gave a question a mark whether it should be done or it is prohibited for the human rights and science. Hence, different perspective often come out which the cloning may have advantages that could be used to save life and prolong the life time or it also can cause harm to the organism.

2.1 Advantages of Cloning

The cloning process is beneficial since it can create a transgenic organism. The cloning research starts with the production of plant that have the same characteristics or to create a new genetic by combining two or more different types of plants. Cloning in
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For cloning in plants, plants naturally produce identical copies of themselves by asexual reproduction, by tubers like potatoes which can grow new roots and shoots. Today, they developed the technique to clone animals. For cloning in animals, the technique used for farm animals to produce clones from valuable adults. The research have been expand in preserving near to extinct breeds and species.
Although cloning promote great advantages for research, the results also causes some disadvantages that might causing danger to the living cloned species. In cloning animals, they have been produced chicken with high meat yield for food production purposes yet unable to walk. This causes abnormality to the living cloned species and to the offspring. In addition, some animal cloned have been using nuclear material from adult cells have not yet proven the development of any long term health problems. If the cloned species are likely to have disease or environmental changes, the rest of the clones will be having the same disease. This might cause problems in the future. The variation and opportunity to produce new choices in the future will be
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