Advantages And Disadvantages Of Group Diversity

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Some would say that the United States is a melting pot of the world, or at least describe it as such, and all you have to do is walk down the street to see the meaning of this concept right in front of you. The main reason for this has been because of immigration over many years. The environment in American society, whether it is in the workforce, schools, churches, or anywhere you go, can be said to be unique and made up of the characteristics of a given group that are unlike any other. Our country is highly complex, and the diversity amongst all the different groups of people can create a highly effective collaboration or create and unproductive conflict among individuals. The subject of diversity becomes more and more
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Many report that by embracing diversity as part of their core business model they are able to provide products and services that truly reflect the diverse needs of their customer base and the communities they serve. This process more often than not results in higher revenue and growth in their customer base. Companies interested in exploiting this concept must be able to differentiate the many ways diversity can be presented in any given organization.

Benefits of Group Diversity

There are a lot of benefits that come with group diversity. “Diversity is especially crucial in today’s global marketplace, as companies interact with different cultures and clients” (Saharconsulting, March 26, 2010). The advantages of working within a diverse group are increased productivity, increased creativity and problem solving, attracting and retaining talent, building synergy in teams that enhances communication skills, and an increase in a satisfied diverse customer base (Saharconsulting, March 26, 2010). Having a diverse group to work with brings a lot of different views and ideas to the table to be discussed.

The more diverse the group is, the more creativity that comes out from the members of the group. Having a group with members with different backgrounds bring different experiences. Especially, when working with others from different cultures or countries, having that diversity helps one adapt and be able to communicate.

There is a mountain of evidence
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