Advantages And Disadvantages Of Western Scientific Medicine

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Western Scientific Medicine or WSM involves many healthcare professionals which include doctors pharmacists and therapists in which they try to treat diseases or disorders with drugs surgery or other forms of procedures such as radiotherapy. Traditional Medicine relates to many different cultures and the way that many cultures prevented mental and physical illness as well as diagnosing the disorder and improving the treatment. It is a total sum of different cultures combining the knowledge and skills they had which was based on the theories and beliefs that the different cultures had. Complementary and alternative medicine includes practises such as acupuncture, Tai Chi, Massages and drinking infused teas such as green tea. CAM is not part of the same brand of WSM standard care.

Mindfulness Meditation(CAM): Mindfulness Meditation has a few advantages and disadvantages surrounding it. Advantages wise, Mindfulness is easy to access online and around New Zealand. For example an introductory course around Wellington is available to book online: And it is also a better option for those who do not want to be put onto medication such as antidepressants, but also is a perfect exercise to be added in with a patient who is taking medication for their depression. An example of how this is effect was shown in a study taken by - in the
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