Advantages And Disadvantages

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A.C 1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems, types and topologies. Analyse and clearly identify the requirements of the system for this network in order to convince the management of the given case study company. There are many types of networks here are a few examples of them; WAN, LAN, MAN & PAN. WAN (Wide Area Network) is a network which maybe computer or telecommunications network that extends in a large geographical distance, it interconnects a multiple of (LANs) Local Area Networks. The Advantages of a WAN are; WANs allow a great and more intricate network also can cover a near infinite geographical distance. WANs mainly occur in large environments, Connections are available from country to country, building to building etc. in other words the internet. The typical large size of a WAN is what separates it from a LAN, WANs are generally slower than LANs, the further the distance the slower the network. One of the biggest Disadvantages of WAN is the cost that it can come with, having a private WAN is often expensive. One of the main reason WANs are expensive is because of the technology used to expand on massive scales. Speaking on large scale, the larger the network the less speed which causes latency (Works, 2017). Here is a diagram of a wide area network: Figure 1: wide area network (NetPrivateer, 2013) LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network that interconnects clients(computers) in limited space i.e. a
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