Advantages Of A Flip Phone Over Iphone

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Recently there have been debates concerning whether people should have a flip phone instead of their iphone. After researching this I have found that a flip phone is actually better than an iphone in many ways. Flip phones are cheap and some even cost as little as 35$. They are also very durable and won’t break on impact like an iphone would, and they also can protect your private information. Also a flip phone will stop you from being stuck to your screen or any social media sites, yet it will still allow you to stay in contact with your friends and family. All of these examples are only a few of the reasons why you should choose a flip phone over any iphone.

Flip phones were made almost thirty years ago, but you can still buy one today. If you do buy one you can find one in perfect condition for only thirty-five dollars! Even a used iphone can costs as high as three hundred dollars. Not only that, but flip phones are still being made by companies such as Verizon and other big phone companies. Not only that but it still costs as low as ninety dollars, even with all of the adjustments made to the phones. Many people can’t afford the high priced iphones and can’t get one. With a flip phone most people can afford this phone. It’s cheap and you can still text on it just like an iphone. Not only does it text and call, but with a flip phone’s amazing durability you won’t need to get another phone. Even if you did need another phone, it would cost you a incredibly small

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