Advantages Of Brainstorming In Vocabulary Assessment

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3.3 Benefits and drawbacks of using vocabulary brainstorming in vocabulary assessment.
Using vocabulary in assessing students’ vocabulary has both advantages and disadvantages. Considering its pros and cons can help teachers to adapt this activity to their teaching context as well as enhancing the benefits and reducing the drawbacks in order to create a useful formative assessment.
3.3.1 Benefits
Vocabulary brainstorming has benefits for teachers’ assessment towards students vocabulary and is also good for students’ learning process.
Firstly, brainstorming is an excellent instructional activity that can be used to effectively assess students’ vocabulary knowledge. It is a dynamic way to assess students’ conceptual knowledge as it triggers their schemata and cognitive process. Through students’ work, the teacher can know how large the students’ vocabulary knowledge about a certain topic is, which students need to have further instruction.
Secondly, it can be used to students of different levels in different contexts. Students are not required to have a high level of English …show more content…

Formative assessment strategies are used throughout a unit of study. They are linked to the instruction and focus on discovering what students know and need to know about the end goal or outcome. Teachers use formative assessment during the learning process and use the information to make adjustments to their instruction to better satisfy learner needs. Using formative assessment over the course of a unit will provide teachers with information on the learning processes of their students. Teachers can use one assessment strategy, change or adapt the instruction, and then reassess using the same strategy or a different one to determine if the instructional practice is impacting student

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