Advantages Of Living In The Country

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They say “those who have not seen a morning in the country, never truly know what a good morning is”. I must say I have to agree. I feel it is better to live as well as raise a family in the country as opposed to in the city. Yes, this is just simply my opinion, but there are many reasons on which I have come to this conclusion. The country is a safer environment as well as a quieter place. When you live in the country you have space, your own space. I know there tend to be people who may argue that city living is more convenient, as far as closer to other locations such as stores and such, but that also comes with more danger you may are exposed to from others, which is common in city living.
I feel living in the country is much safer, especially for younger children. When living in the country you tend to be exposed to less violent behavior. From experience living in the city has massive downfalls …show more content…

By that i mean, your own backyard, your own land. You can allow your children and your pets to run freely and explore without having to worry if a car will speed down your road ad accidently run over the curb resulting in the worst possible thing you could imagine, and i've seen that happen. Your children can just enjoy themselves and play, you could set up your yard however you choose because it is yours and you do not have to share it like you would with the person or family living above or below you, like you would when living in the city. Your animals can also be outside without the fear of them being stolen. Living in the city, every time my cat chooses to go out i have to worry about if he will be stolen, which sadly has happened to me twice now. Twice i've had to go searching for my beloved cat who hasn't come home, only to find he has been stolen and locked in the apartment of the people down stairs from me. Living in the country, these are things you do not have to worry

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