Advantages Of Prothom Alo And The Daily Star

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Answer to the question no: 1 star provides rich media, mobile and video scraper & ovation AD.deliver video, audio, animation, billboards, signs and etc. However, it's about as solid as television technology.
Interactivity-- prothom alo& the daily star gives Digital consultancy, they provide support and counsel to build up your digital capaing.Twentieth Century electronic commerce business technology is called interactive, so they allow for two-way communication between businesses and consumers.
Information Density- prothom alo& the daily star can leverage the power of most respected bangle news brands. Users view their news as authentic. The density of information the Internet has specially improved,. Their accuracy and timeliness …show more content…

This portal is obtain by 1.6 million visitors from 200 different countries and territories across the globe with 60 million page view per month E-commerce allows business transactions on the cross country bound can be more convenient and more effective as compared with the consecutive commerce.
Universal Standards- Prothom Alo& the daily star are globally trusted repoting by google.this Bengali paper read by worldwide . this news portal have an odd feature, is the technical standard of the Internet, so to carry out the technical standard of e-commerce is shared by all countries around the world standard..The standard can make technology business existing become more easily, which can reduce the cost
Richness-.prothom alo& the daily
Social Technology:over 10 million people follow prothom alo& the daily star in face book & tweeter. the prothom alo& the daily star have biggest (facebook ,tweeter ) fan .
Which of the features does each of them implement better than the other in your opinion?
In this eight features my opinion is Prothom alo & The daily star have implement Universal Standards featue better than others in Bangladesh.

Answer to the question no :2
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