Advantages Of Semi-Structured Interview

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When choosing the most effective research method, you must first decide on the kind of answers you are searching for. A quantitative method will find answers that are easily measured and follow trends and patterns. The qualitative method, however, leads to answers that explore differences in meanings and contexts. This essay will explore semi-structured interviews, a qualitative method that identifies themes and responses from preset open questions. The method is utilised for its opportunity to present rich information and answers that would not be found in a formally structured interview. The success of this method is reliant on the quality of its key elements, as well as the assumption of integrity with both participants and research team. Because these factors are never guaranteed, this essay will discuss how semi-structured interviews may operate to create credible research and where limitations will lie.

The semi-structured interview is a research method that collects qualitative data from a set of open questions and conversation. It’s flexibility separates itself from the quantitative methods in surveying and standardised interviewing (Bryman, 2012). Instead of quickly sortable data, semi-structured interviews gather information that emphasise the themes and new ideas. The method structure is very flexible, with only a brief guide to direct the interviews. While quantitative methods generally reflect the researchers ideas, semi-structured interviews inquire more into

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