Advertising : A Safe Haven For Children

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Children are targets who advertisers and major companies aim because of the massive influence they have in their parents’ spending trends. Advertisers have noted how effective advertising is to children and have spent nearly twelve billion dollars a year directly marketing products to young children. Everywhere children go, they are bombarded by a constant stream of advertisements in every aspect of their young lives. Advertisements stalk children in any setting, whether it in the comfort of their homes or in schools, with the objective of polluting their minds with the images companies try to convey. Instead of being a safe haven for children, home and school have become the catalyst locations for many advertisers to spread their influence.. Children cannot avoid ads by going home or going to school since it is forced upon them, so advertisers take advantage by putting commercials on television after school and by sponsoring school programs during the day as marketing ploys. What marketers fail to realize in their efforts to make money is the physical and psychological consequences these advertisements have on children. Many of the products advertised by the media play on a child’s developing psyche, which could result in harmful effects in a developing personality and self-image. It takes advantage of a child’s inability to differentiate between a commercial and the persuasive intent in the message. It is pitting intelligent MBA-titled adults against the incredibly
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