Advertising Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco Essay examples

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Advertising Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco

Tobacco, tumor causing teeth staining smelly puking habit. Advertising has become a way of life. The average American is exposed to 3,000 advertisements a day. These advertisements come from the television, radio, news-papers, billboard signs, and countless other ways. The advertisers use different ways of attracting a consumer to buy their product. One of the strategies that the author will use is called appeals, which uses ethos (ethics), pathos (feelings), and logos (logic). Some people believe it is and will continue to destroy life and moral values in our nation. The rhetorical triangle is used very well in advertising; in some cases it is hard to catch the imbedded message. The
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The kids do not see before and after pictures of people who have smoked for years in the magazines or commercials. The youth also think they will not get addicted. I also believe that by the time most people are the age twenty they have decided whether or not they are going to smoke or not. Kids see attractive people in movies and commercials smoking, or cartoon animals smoking and they think it is cool. If a product, like cigarettes, will make kids feel like they fit in, then they will do it even if the product will hurt them. This kind of audience, the youth, is very vulnerable because they will do anything to get accepted by people.

The author for the audience of chewing tobacco is targeting young “blue collar” men ages eighteen to around thirty. The ads are targeting the young men who work outside or like doing out door activities. In this Copenhagen ad the quote next to the rider says “I never walk when I can ride. And I never ride without my cope.” The ad has a younger man on a horse taking a dip and two other riders trying to catch up to him on the open range. In this Grizzly chew ad the slogan is “Pinch Yourself”. The ad contains two guys out in the woods having a day dream with two really big deer in their “bubble”. In The Skoal ad they have the slogan “A Pinch better” with a picture of a man who has a big Elk in his sights and a beautiful woman at his side. This tells people who

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