Affirmative Action: Reverse Discrimination

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Affirmative action was created on March 6, 1961 by president John F. Kennedy and has since expanded into a heated debate. Affirmative action was first established as a result of the Civil Rights Movement to grant equal opportunities for minority groups in the United States. Affirmative action can be seen as a compensatory measure to a racially discriminated group in a cultures history. It is very easy for someone to become involved in a debate about affirmative action because we live in a society where racial discrimination is seen often. Racial injustice can be seen first hand or on television with programs such as the news that heavily publicize racial inequality events.
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Affirmative action is termed reverse discrimination by those who oppose the policy. “[Affirmative Action] causes a form of reverse discrimination by favoring one group over another, based on racial preference” (NCSSL.ORG) Reverse discrimination consists of members of a majority being discriminated in favor of historically disadvantaged group of people. Because affirmative action is seen as reversing discrimination it is seen as using or practicing the same discrimination that is it seeking to eliminate. A debate forum wrote that, “affirmative action keeps societies aware of the barriers that divide it and actually perpetuates alienation and resentment between ethnically diverse groups, thus increasing rather than reducing racial tension” This argument supports the highly criticized aspect of discrimoination involved in affirmative action policies. Others also believe that those who benefit from affirmative action are given an unfair advantage over the rest. For example the journal “ Does Affirmative Action Work?” argues that “affirmative action policies have also been criticized for stoking resentment between groups that qualify for assistance and those that believe that minorities have been given an unfair leg up.” BROWN The discrimination aspect of affirmative action make the policy a negative one for many in the U.S. Mari Teigen suggests that, “affirmative action is a form of discrimination against those not benefiting from such procedures.”

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