Afghan Girls And Their Education

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Afghan Girls and Their Education During the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan in the 1980’s the United States provided 3billions to support the Mujahedeen soldiers. When the Soviets withdrew in 1989, part of the mujahedeen fell into war in 1994, the Taliban emerged as a dominant force (Feminist Majority Foundation). The Taliban is a group combined of young men and boys of Afghan descent. The Taliban wanted to make Afghanistan an Islamic state. They eventually took over the country. They wanted the country to follow their rules and live by their religion. The Taliban viewed women and girls as criminals just for being born a girl (Amnesty International). The Taliban did not see women as equal nor in existence. Women and girls were required to wear head dressing called a burka. They were punished if any amount of skin was showing. One of the biggest things the Taliban did not believe in was the education of girls. They believe that educating girls is un-Islamic. When the Taliban swept through Afghanistan they burned down schools that were for girls. In Afghanistan the men and women are treated differently. Men in Afghanistan are the bread winners. Every morning they go to work, or work at home in the fields and sell their goods at the local market. The women in Afghanistan are viewed as the lower class and looked down on. Women are to stay home and take care of everything there, they’re not allowed to go to school, or to work (Johnson, 1998). They not only have

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