African American Themes In The Poetry Of Langston Hughes

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Jasmin Rivera
ENH 110: T,TH
Professor Smith
Langston Hughes
19th of October 2017

Langston Hughes was a mixed race writer whose poems concentrated on African American themes. Hughes was born in the 20th century on the first of February within Missouri. His parents were themselves of mixed descent. His parents would divorce and he would be estranged from his father and distant from his mother when he was sent to live with his grandmother. His grandmother helped him view the strength of people within the stories she would tell him making it a point that although some of the characters within her story would suffer they would not cry. This impacted Hughes significantly to the point that when his grandmother died he did not cry. It would not be until 1914 that Hughes would be reunited with his mother and new stepfather and move to Illinois. In Hughes early life, in eighth grade, he showed an interest in poetry to the extent he was elected class poet. He spoke openly about how he was one of the two African Americans in his english class and says that he got elected because they automatically have rhythm. It would not be until later that he would move to Ohio the state in which he would graduate high school in the year 1920.
Hughes felt the need to reconnect with his estranged father so he moved to Mexico. His father had left the United States to escape racism but was also distant to his community because of his dislike of their culture. During the time with his father he

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