African Americans Should Get Reparations For Enslaving Some Of Their Ancestors 200 Years Ago

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One of the main issues that Americans have been debating about for years is whether African Americans should get reparations for enslaving some of their ancestors 200 years ago.
In an article written by Mychal Massie, it provided some historical background and information about how slavery was started in the United States and how Americans tried to eliminate it. Massie stated, "The United States didn 't invent slavery," which gave a point to ponder about who started it. Though American ships were carrying the slaves, whites were not the ones who ran through the forest to capture black men and women. Furthermore, Americans were not the only ones who practiced slavery back then. The article also emphasizes the fact that it was not only African Americans who suffered at the time. There was a compensation already paid when, "White college students were murdered supporting Dr. King, where more than 600,000 Americans died to pay the price for America 's sin of slavery." Additionally, slavery did not abstain African Americans to be successful and wealthy in America today. In my opinion, I agree with most of the statements that the writer had pointed out throughout the article. I think Mychal Massie had some good points about clearing up the reason why it not necessary for Americans to pay reparations to those of enslaved African descent. He mentioned how Whites were involved in emancipating slaves and passing the Civil Rights Act by endangering their own lives. Moreover, he

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