After Writing My Professional Development Plan, I Thought

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After writing my Professional Development Plan, I thought about a person who had knowledge of my desired position, but who also had experienced things in their life that would translate into their work ethics. After much thought, I turned to Dana Yorko. A family friend and a woman who has had experience in both the corporate world and life. Dana currently works as an General Manager for a company titled American Executive Centers. Our entire interview spent a total of three days, which consisted of exploring her work environment and the duties and responsibilities behind her position at AEC. Our interview was spread between three days. Each day consisted of a different area in which Dana covers. Day one was spent interviewing and having…show more content…
Her first job was a retail floor manager with Macy’s. At one time, she was a flight attendant for Pan American Airways; which was one of her favorite past employment experiences. After Pan America, she transitioned into sales positions for some big corporations, both inside and outside of sales positions. Out of all her jobs, she said that the jobs that dealt with customer relations gave her the best experience and prepared her properly for her current position. American Executive Centers are a company that offers executive office suites as well as supplying their customers with office services. As General Manager, Dana oversees 57 different office spaces, each one filled with a different company and their own individual set of needs. Under her title, Dana has multiple roles. For starters, it is her job to maintain a close to 100% occupancy. Since clients can lease the spaces for different amounts of time, vacancy can vary greatly over a course of a year. Another role that Dana has been to manage a staff of 4 people. While that number is small, it does not include the clients they handle in their building. Within the four employees that Mrs. Yorko manages, she runs administration retention activities along with the usual responsibilities of a manager. Her final role is that of an operation nature. The infrastructure of
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