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Professional Development Plan
LaKeshia Chaney
Walden University

Professional Development Plan
Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a process of improving education and training opportunities in the community. This planning document will outline goals, steps to accomplish goals, social media, personal strengths and weakness, and timelines. The Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT), Personal Learning Network (PLN) and New Drivers of Leadership Assessment Type will be tools to outline each step to maintain and build self-confidence in achieving goals. However, the individual PDP during Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) will give me a chance to explore values, styles, attitudes, and interpersonal skills for …show more content…

The mission is to inspire others to work for themselves in any desired industry.
· Setting communication infrastructure will be the first step to start a business. Secondly, utilizing a personal network such as attending business events like Black Women in Business (BWIB) to gain more knowledge on how to operate a successful business. Thirdly, seek advice from experts in the similar field to learn from failures and success of people who have accomplished their goal (Cutler, 2015). Lastly, being creative and competitive with pricing to get the company established in the logistic industry. My focus will be on the values of the business to get a buy-in from potiential clients and investors. Futhermore, continue to do research on services, products, taxes, and company revenues for improvement opportunities.
· Networking through social media has opened doors to new and existing opportunities for professional development. Facebook and LinkedIn will be some tools to use for branding and advertisement. The professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are a starting point to gain insight from other peers through personal learning (Kemp, 2015b).
· A robust business plan provides a path for changing a company’s profitable enterprises (Wagner, 2017). If the program of activities are not well written or researched, it can cause the company to fail. Starting any business has a price, so

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