Age Connected Problem

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4. You are Getting Older: People gain weight per year from age 25 to 60. By the time we hit 50, we could be carrying extra 30 pounds along with our commitments.
Age Connected Problem 1: You Reach 30
When you are at this stage, burning of calories will be lessen by 5 a day. In a decade that is 18, 250 calories, or estimated at 5 pounds. If you are already over weight, your fat burners will slow more. Of course, exercise will help you to overcome it, do weights instead of cardio, training your strength will help you maintain and increase your metabolism based on my research, it will burn more of your fat than making a cardio alone. Plan a 20 minute of training a day, and if you can do it an additional 25 minutes for aerobic exercise. People who
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If this men’s hormone that helps them to maintain muscle mass and energy dropped down, this is a problem. They need to find an activity they love, as I have studied, people were possible to do exercise if they will do it for enjoyment. Also, they need to consider eating food like beans and nuts to boost magnesium, taking milk and mushrooms for vitamin D that is good for their hormone.
This is also the time to restructure your group of friends. I have researched that people who lack emotional support have 98 percent chance of being obese. Prioritize social life, since loneliness can turn to overeating. Make new friends and acquaintances, maintain the friendships that you have. Organize your friends by categories: Exercise, food, music, travel, culture, running, and try to meet up new groups every week.

Age Connected Problem 3: You Reach 50
At this stage of life, your metabolism is going down. Maintaining muscle at this age becomes difficult, your body composition may change into a distress part. An average individual under age 40 is 18 percent fat, and the average individual at age 50 is 22 percent fat. I have researched that, pounding protein about 30 to 40 grams every meal can stimulate muscle growth to look better at this
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