Agent Of Socialisation Essay

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Agents of Socialisation : The Mass Media
In the present day, the media is incorporated into our daily lives. Every day, through newspapers, radio, television, email, the internet and social media, are we sucked into an electronic world, which changes many of our beliefs and values about how we live our lives. It plays such a large role in almost every person’s life compared to 50 years ago, when the internet did not exist. It effects things such as our political views, tastes in music, views of men, women, gay and coloured people. Media is very powerful in that it is accessible by almost every human being in the world. Over the decades, there has been a significant increase in the amount of technological advancements, especially in the way of mobile devices and computers. The mass media, being an agent of socialisation, means that it has a significant influence on our lives, primarily in the way we interact with each other and learn social and cultural behaviours from others.
Media is most powerful when the individual using the agent is young, and when it can educate, inform and change people’s opinions. The effectiveness can be very positive or very negative, for example, it can educate people of a social disaster and can bring people together. With things such as Facebook, where people can hide behind a computer screen and say nasty things to people, or pretend to be people they aren’t, it emits a negative vibe. However, Facebook can be used in an effective way, to

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