Aging : A Progressive Functional Decline Of The Body And Mind

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Aging, is the process of growing old, it is defined as the gradual biological deterioration of normal function, as a result of changes made to the mitotic cells, post-mitotic cells, such as neurons. These changes would consequently have a direct impact on the functional ability of the major organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys biological systems such as the nervous, digestive and reproductive system and ultimately the organism as a whole.
Aging is a progressive functional decline of the body and mind, a continually deterioration of physiological function with age according to Flatt, (2012), the inevitable age-related process of loss of viability and increase in vulnerability as stated by Partridge and Mangel, (1999). …show more content…

Activity theory proposes that social activity and involvement with others results in an increased ability to cope with aging, improved self-concept, and enhanced emotional adjustment to the aging process as stated by Tosato et al., (2007)

The Continuity theory states that as elderly adults adapt to changes associated with the normal ageing process, they will attempt to rely on existing resources and comfortable coping strategies.
This theory of aging states that older adults will actually maintain the same activities, behaviors, and relationships as they usually did in their earlier years of life. As older adults try to maintain this continuity of lifestyle by adapting strategies that are linked to their past experiences, decisions and behaviors will form the foundation for their present behavior. Continuity of self which occurs in two ways internal and external. Whereas internal continuity occurs when one wants to preserve some aspects of oneself from the past so that the past is sustaining and supporting one 's new self, external continuity involves maintaining social relationships, roles and environments such that internal and external continuity are maintained, life satisfaction is high

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