Aimclear Interview Report

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan Rivas, the Marketing Director at Aimclear at the Duluth location. Our interview was 9AM October 7th at Aimclear which is located at: 9 W Superior St #200, Duluth, MN. Her LinkedIn profile URL is: I found Megan through LinkedIn. I made an effort to ensure I found someone who had a role as a Marketing Director, or similar to this title. I also wanted to make sure the person I interviewed was a woman, just so I could connect with them on another level, and to get a better picture on how she was treated in this industry. I called Aimclear and asked to speak to Megan, she was out of the office so I left her a detailed voicemail explaining: who I was, what I wanted, and why she should care. She called me back explaining she was actually in New York for a conference until …show more content…

Megan explained I should get involved with Fuse Duluth a program for young professionals which allow multiple opportunities for engagement such as networking, educational events, etc. and she told me to watch out for their event Zeinth a digital marketing conference put on by Aimclear and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. I asked if Aimclear had internships and she said that they rarely to but if I was interested I should get involved with Fuse and try to get into the mentorship program, because there were multiple coworkers of hers that had mentees in the office shadowing employees, and she expressed how she would like to see in the future a small team of her own, to help implement plans within Aimclear. I asked her if it would be okay to connect on LinkedIn and if she would be willing to look over my resume, she agreed and I left her with my thank you note. She told me to contact her with any questions and that we should meet again sometime this semester. Overall very beneficial meeting very happy I found Megan

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