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Air France‘s Case
You have just been hired by Rob Griffin to help him better understand the effectiveness of Air France’s online sponsored search efforts. He has requested answers to the following questions: 1. Please calculate the effectiveness of each of Air France’s marketing campaigns across the 7 different publishers categories (3 points). Publishers | Avg. Cost per clicks | Tot. Clicks | Media Costs | Tot. Bookings | Tot. Revenue | Net Revenue | Net Rev per Cost | Avg. of Sales per Click % | Avg. of Trans. Conv. % | Yahoo-US | 2 | 45,598 | $46,198 | 662 | $882,289 | $836,091 | 18 | 1.45% | 183% | MSN-Global | 2.15 | 11,217 | $12,160 | 129 | $145,524 | $133,364 | 11 | 1.15% | 113% | MSN-US | 2.87 | 10,808 |
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The use of phrase keywords also contributes to number of bookings like the phrase “DC to France Sale” which have the highest conversion rate compare to others. Different with Google, Yahoo has moderately earned more income from the words of city such as Florence, Paris and Rome. This may be resulted from the difference search methods that Yahoo mainly focuses on web contents keywords. Overture more likely to gain revenue in words that relate with cities in eastern part of Europe like Athens, Tunis, Amman. Overture loses money on broad unspecific words. Thus, Overture should focus on the exact keywords which have connection with flight and travel to eastern part of Europe. MSN-US and MSN-Global costs mainly derived from phrase keywords except “Air France Brand” keywords. For example, phrase keyword of “travel to France” generates moderate number of 346 clicks, but none of the clicks succeed in sales conversion. Another example is “flights to Paris”, other publishers succeed in booking of positive net revenue with the keywords, while MSN-US and MSN-Global lose money. * Broad and focus keyword Broad keyword usually gains many clicks from the campaigns. By analyzing publishers’ performance data, we concluded that Yahoo-US, Overture-Global, MSN-US and MSN-Global are publishers that have strength in broad campaign keywords. Number of clicks for broad keywords represents minimum 90% of total clicks

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