Air Pollution

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Throughout the article: The Tragedy of the Commons, one can get a sense of a commonality or a theme in that mankind is the reasoning behind all the destruction and selfish acts that have occurred over the years. The article goes on to describe how humans are greedy and only interested in their own self gains so long as they can increase profit without a second thought to the degradation of the collapse of an ecosystem or environment. Air pollution would be no different when it comes to the consideration of the earth. The air pollution impacts the commons in that it not only affects what is directly surrounding its area but can have severe impacts to all things including various ecosystems and resources.
The air pollution that hangs over the cities sits in the atmosphere and affects millions if not billions of people all over the world and can have serious health effects. Concerns for those that become exposed to pollutions can experience things such as lung and respiratory diseases or difficulties, cardiovascular complications, coughing, irritation to the eyes and throat, symptoms or increased symptoms of asthma, a heart attack, cancer or even death. Some people may be more sensitive to pollutants than others such as children, elderly, and those who already have respiratory problems. The mass effects not only cause disruptions to human health but also to the health of the environment as well. The pollution in the air has the potential for causing acid rain which is caused

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