Air Travel On A Low Fare Carrier

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When thinking about air travel on a low fare carrier its very daunting and aggravating, the idea of being stuck in a giant cylinder with lots of strangers makes passengers feel uneasy and claustrophobic. So, how can our most preferred airlines act upon it to fix this ongoing issue, in order to make the experience somewhat tolerating. The bigger picture of innovation will ultimately allow new technologies and experiences to be introduced inflight, allowing for greater personalisation and more opportunities for passenger to be distracted and feel a sense of space that allows travellers to concentrate rather than feel constricted in a tiny seat, as well as allowing airlines to generate revenue by using Wi-Fi and IFE, but at what cost? For …show more content…

Our newest cabin, combined with our award-winning customer service, is a powerful way for us to once again challenge the status quo.” JetBlue has started to deliver according to their customer expectations the airline started to upgrade, invest, re-build and completely re-design the whole A320 cabin just in time for JetBlue’s sweet 16th Birthday. The prompt change took place after JetBlue conducted a survey in which it was discovered that passengers much preferred the cabin of an A321 rather than A320 on some much similar routes as Jamie Perry, vice president, brand and production developments of JetBlue, explains, “What we have seen is that the A321 aircraft is about 10 percent higher in customer ratings than the A320.” Evolving JetBlue’s cabin wasn’t easy as the airline team had to firstly pay close attention to the passenger’s needs and comfort during the flight. They carefully assessed what colors and patterns to use, those were mostly designed and applied for restful and weary travelers.
The idea is to create a more residential feel so the travelers feel right at home, “Our goal is to make the inflight experience as close to what you’d have in your living room as possible. Whether that means having access to a power plug, a

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