Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Record System

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Aircraft continuing airworthiness record system At the completion of any maintenance, the certificate of release to service required by point M.A.801 or point 145.A.50 shall be entered in the aircraft continuing airworthiness records. Each entry shall be made as soon as practicable but in no case more than 30 days after the day of the maintenance action. The aircraft continuing airworthiness records shall consist of: • an aircraft logbook, engine logbook(s) or engine module log cards, propeller logbook(s) and log cards, for any service life limited component as appropriate, and, • when required in point M.A.306 for commercial air transport or by the Member State for commercial operations other than commercial air…show more content…
AMC M.A.305 (d) (4) and AMC M.A.305 (h) Aircraft continuing airworthiness record system The current status of service life-limited aircraft components should indicate: i) for components subject to a certified life limit: the component life limitation, total number of hours, accumulated cycles or calendar time and the number of hours/cycles/time remaining before the required retirement time of the component is reached; ii) for components subject to a service life limit: the component service life limit, the hours, cycles or calendar time since the component has been restored back to their service life and the remaining service (hours, cycles, calendar time) life before the components need to undergo maintenance. Any action that alters the components’ life limit (certified or service) or changes the parameter of the life limit (certified or service) should be recorded. AMC M.A.305 (h) Aircraft continuing airworthiness record system When an owner/operator arranges for the relevant maintenance organisation to retain copies of the continuing airworthiness records on their behalf, the owner/operator will continue to be responsible for the retention of records. If they cease to be the owner/operator of the aircraft, they also remain responsible for transferring the records to any other person who becomes the owner/operator of the aircraft. Continuing airworthiness

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