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ANEROID – sensitive component in an altimeter or barometer that measures absolute pressure of the air. -Sealed, flat capsule made of thin corrugated disks of metal soldered together and evacuated by pumping all of the air out of it. PRESSURE – amount of force acting on a given unit of area and all pressure must be measured from some known references. BAROMETRICSCALE/KOLLSMAN WINDOW- small window in the dial of a sensitive altimeter in which the pilot sets the barometric pressure level from which the altitude shown on the altimeter is measured. AIRSPEED INDICATOR – A flight instrument that measures the differential between the pitot, of ram air pressure and the static pressure of the air surrounding the aircraft. BOURDON TUBE – type…show more content…
ISOGONIC LINE – a line drawn on an aeronautical chart along which the angular difference between the magnetic and geographic north poles is the same. AGONIC LINE – a line drawn on an aeronautical chart along which there is no angular difference between the magnetic geographic north poles. RATE GYROS – mounted in single gimbals and they operate on the characteristic of precession. ECAM –Electronic Centralized Aircraft System * 2 ECAMS display * Engine Warning Display * System Display EFIS – Electronic Flight Instrument System ADIRU – Air data /Inertial Reference unit and located rear ECAM ADR – (Air Data Input) Input: AOA, TAT, and Pitot & static ports. Output: Airspeed, Mach no., Barometric altitude, TAT, Static Air Temp. And Sensors. Inertial Reference Section (output) * Gives inertial data to the EFIS. ADIRS – control and display unit (CDU) located at the overhead panel. GENEREAL SYSTEMS 1st group * ADIRUs * DDRMI * ISIS 2nd group * GPS * TCAS * DME * ADF * VOR 3rd group * ILS * Marker Receivers 4th group * EGPWS * RAs * WXR * PWS DME – measures a slant distance from an aircraft to a station. FWC – Flight Warning Computer (Oral & Visual) ISIS – Enhanced/Integrated Standby Instrument System * Replaces 3 conventional standby instruments * Capable of ILS EIS- Electronic Instrument System SDAC – System Data Acquisition Concentrators

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