The Detection System For Aircraft Inspection

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The sub-system which was analyzed in the aircraft flaw detection system is the ‘sensing sub-system’. The main function of this sub-system is to determine whether the flaw detected by the scanning sub-system is valid by examining it further and notify the engineers if repair work is needed and provide them with statistics of the flaw. Movement system will then be activated so that the robot marks the points where examination has been done to ensure no repetition of inspection occurs.
The problem encountered with most of the sensing system for aircraft inspection is the efficiency and accuracy of it. The robot has to be designed in such a way that flaws can be detected precisely in a short period of time so that the airline companies could use it for quick and safe inspection.
The best sensing method is a combination of laser scanning and ultrasonic, due to the facts that surface and in-depth inspection could be carried out in a short period of time with minimum false detection and less complicated analysis of inspection results.

Ever since the first plane was invented by The Wright Brothers, their invention was further improved and developed until present. Nevertheless, nothing is perfect, aviation accidents and incidents have been happening once in a while and they are happening more frequently recently. The main factors such as human error, weather, and mechanical failure have a total of 40%, contributing to the causes of fatal aviation

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