Aircraft Maintenance : The Cause And Effect

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Aircraft Maintenance: The Cause & Effect Negligence of aircraft mechanics not being trained with the importance of safety causes damage to aircraft, and injury, which has the effects of aircraft crashes and death. Aircraft maintenance is typically demanding, and requires swift action in a short amount of time. This skill however doesn’t come without its risks. Time pressures and mission requirements put pressure on the mechanic, which can cause short cuts, lack of motivation, fatigue and stress. Understanding all that goes into being able to perform aircraft maintenance is already all laid out for the technician, what happens from there is all up to that individual. Most technicians are supplied with specialty tools, technical data books which include a detailed step by step instruction on how to perform a task, and personal protective gear such as gloves, hearing protection, eye protection, safety boots, etc. All of these items are mandatory, and without aircraft maintenance could not be completed. Once the technician has all the required items necessary to perform this routine maintenance, now we need to break down how accidents happen. For majority of the mishaps, “human factors are the largest contributor to aircraft accidents” (When Poor Aircraft Maintenance Costs Lives). The technician ultimately has control for what happens to that aircraft when it’s in their possession. Factors such as lack of sleep, inattentiveness, reckless behavior, and fatigue all are a
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