Al Islam : A Major Economic And Cultural Center

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At this time world were divided into two parts: Dar Al-Islam which was the house of Islam and Dar Al-Harb the house of war.In order to be a part of Dar Al Islam a country/empire must be ruled by a muslim government.The outside world, which has not yet been subjugated, is called the "House of War"-the name that Dar Al Islam gave to the Europe because of christian being.
-Was a major economic and cultural center in the word.Dar al Islam provided a common language of traders on Indian Ocean(Arabic).The most important empire of the Dar Al Islam were the Ottoman Empire which name came from the "Osman" a leader of western Anatolian nomadic group (the today 's Turks) who began expansion in the 14th century.Gradually these …show more content…

A war between France and England that lasted from the middle of the fourteenth century to the middle of the fifteenth..It lasted from 1337-1453 o it might more accurately be called the "116 Years ' War." The war starts off with several stunning successes on Britain 's part, and the English forces dominate France for decades. Then, the struggle see-saws back and forth. In the 1360s, the French are winning. From 1415-1422, the English are winning. After 1415, King Henry V of England revives the campaign and he conquers large portions of France, winning extraordinary political concessions. From 1422 onward, however, the French crown strikes back. The teenage girl(16 year old) Jeanne d 'Arc (Joan of Arc), a remarkable young mystic, leads the French troops to reclaim their lands. She heard her voice urging her to help the dauphin (uncrowned king).Convinced king to allow her to accompany an army to the siege of Orleans.Her lidership inspired the soldiers.Joan was captured by Burgundias and sold her to England

French Advantages were that they were richer and more population than England and French fielded an army of over 50000 at most, Britain mustered only 32000.
English Advantages were the longbow a large bow drawn by hand and shooting a long feathered arrow, it was the chief weapon of English armies from the

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