Albrecht Durer 's Self Portraits

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Albrecht Durer’s Self-Portraits
The life of Albrecht Durer is described as that of a person who spent it on influencing art, culture and society during the Northern Renaissance. During his time, he represented and witnessed some of the most momentous events in the modern European history, including both cultural and religious dimensions of the religious humanist movement1. He conceptualized the movement of Martin Luther as part of the larger matrix of religious and theological reforms that were grounded in the humanistic study of Christianity. Since he was the first artist in the north that attempted to change the medieval style of religious devotions to reflect new Renaissance styles and concerns, he was able to give a visual touch to a few significant changes in the culture of Christianity. It is significant to understand the complex dimensions of the Northern Renaissance through Albrecht Durer’s art as reflected in his self-portraits.
The History of the Northern Renaissance
There are various reasons which explain why the Renaissance occurred late in the northern part of Europe. First, it was eliminated from the trade centers and the Mediterranean culture. As a result, trade, towns and advanced ideas that came with wealth were developed slowly in the north than all other parts of Europe2. The greater influence of the church and feudalism also kept the social, political, and intellectual institutions more backward and medieval and this, in turn, offered more…
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