Alcan IT: Implementation Case Study

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Alcan IT Implementation Case Study Introduction: Alcan's success and enormity are singular in its industry. As a 'highly vertically integrated' textiles and industrial materials manufacturer, the Montreal based firm is markedly profitable and diffusely networked. In spite of its highly enviable track record and profitability, the firm finds itself at a crossroads where its Information Technology (IT) solutions are concerned. With the appointment of Robert Ouellette as Chief Information Officer, Alcan would begin a new phase in its history centered on the reformation of its IT systems. With an emphasis on the improvement of central controls, consistency, cost oversight and personnel orientation, Ouellette would begin the process of transformation by weighing the pros and cons of both the present, outgoing system and the new incoming system. Evidence abounds that the changes rendered through the new IT system will have far-reaching effects in terms of improving the company's operations, efficiency and profitability. Pros and Cons of Current Application Management: As the case study demonstrates, one of the biggest obstacles for Alcan in going forward would be the demand to redefine the roles of personnel vis a vis the company's IT software. These roles had been previously shaped by circumstance rather than by clear design. Upon his entry into the company, Ouellette would find that improvements to Alcan's IT outlook would depend at least in part on the company's

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