Alcohol Advertising Essay

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Alcohol Advertising

Millions of Americans suffers from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. It can shatter lives, brake families, and to rob people of their dreams for the future. Once alcoholism or drug addiction begins, an individual's problems not only don't go away, but their mental well being as well as physical ability continues to diminish from the immediate and long-term adverse effects from the drugs and alcohol abuse. Is it really true that advertising increases alcohol consumption, which increases alcohol abuse? No it is not. No solid evidence from either scientific research or practical experience that this theory of advertising is correct was identified. The United States Department of Health and Human Services in its …show more content…

This is how young people view them. If one treats beverage alcohol as a dangerous substance to be avoided and not even advertised, he or she inadvertently can raise it up from the ordinary into the range of the powerful, the tantalizing, and the desirable Big Deal. (Hanson, 1997). In so doing, we slip into the familiar, failed pattern of demonizing the substance of alcohol rather than discouraging irresponsible behavior.
Alcohol addiction is a very serious and life threatening illness. Everything can get ruined in one's life. The life cycle of alcohol addiction begins with a problem, discomfort or some for of emotional or physical pain a person is experiencing and becomes difficult to deal with. At some point alcohol or drug enters the picture and provides a temporary, synthetic relief, and for a moment it seems to act as a solution to the problem. Alcohol addiction can be overcome and the individual can return to leading a happy, healthy, productive and responsible life once again. Often people drink during social occasions; it tends to loosen inhibitors.
Unfortunately, the recklessness often is the result of excessive drinking and is a leading cause of serious injuries and accidental deaths. In addition, alcohol is the most common cause of preventable birth defects that include fatal alcohol syndrome. The effects of alcohol abuse can be short term and long term. Short- term effects of alcohol use include: altered

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