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EDEXCEL BTEC HND Health and Social Care ManagementUNIT 21: SUPPORTING SIGNIFICANT LIFE EVENTS Contents Task 1.1: Explain the impact of significant life events on individuals namely Richard and Sophie. 2 Task 1.2: Possible group responses to significant life events with respect to Richard and Sophie’s Friends and co-workers response to his addiction 2 Task 1.3: Analyze the impact for others in health and social care (John and Tim) when an individual experiences significant life events. 3 Task 2.1: Evaluation of the effectiveness of organizational policies and procedures in supporting Richard and Sophie and their social networks affected by their significant life event. 4 Task 2.2 Explanation of how others in social networks may…show more content…
In that case the individual and the family of the individual often resort to social care and community health care services (Berkman, 2000). Here the role and the impact of the health and social care service providers become crucial. In the case at hand, Tim and John are members of the a social care group and health care service respectively. John was entrusted with the job of attending to Richard during his days at the rehab while he recovered and underwent treatment to get rid of his alcoholism. In case of an individual undergoing a significant life event, the others in the society are affected by it. In the case at hand, Richard had developed irritability and often reacted adversely even to simple situations. It was difficult for John to cope up with the mood swings and the tantrums of Richard during his stay at the rehab. In the words of Sophie, she was sure that John was relieved to be relieved from the duty of attending to Richard. However this is in contrast of what is expected by social and health care workers in the UK. On the other hand Tim, the leader of Focus group was more committed to his cause and took good care of Richard. After returning from the rehab Richard was not able to cope with a sudden responsibility of family entrusted upon him. Also Richard had lost social contact. Tim understood the phase Richard was going through as the group was used to catering to the
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