Alcohol Use And Misuse By Young People - Practitioners Perspectives

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Alcohol use and Misuse by Young People – Practitioners Perspectives

Two million people are estimated to die each year all over the world from alcohol related complications (World Health Organisation, 2011). With its numerous associations with risky and aggressive behaviours, irresponsible sexual behaviours, crime, increased likelihood of traffic accidents, health complications, mental health problems and mental disorders (Bruin, 2014), alcohol consumption could result in a large amount of severe implications on numerous lives. This is a serious social problem, and a public health issue, which places a heavy burden on the society, and affects a large number of individuals of all ages (Drink aware, 2011).
Whilst government policies often struggle and focus on tackling alcohol as a general public problem, there are limited research and information on the health complications young people experience after alcohol consumption. At a young age, there is more likelihood of their bodies being less able to deal with the after effects of alcohol. In previous research by Alcohol Concern, findings shows that alcohol contributes to 5% of young people’s death which is 1.4% higher than the adult’s population in the UK; likewise, it is estimated that UK have the highest rate of alcohol consumption by young people as well as its related injuries in Europe (Alcohol Concern in BBC, 2010). Although, the legal age of alcohol use is 18 but the law does recognise that it is…
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