Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test

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Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) Bering the uniqueness of each individual, people seek psychotherapy propelled by unique problems and conditions. Generally, many people will look for therapy because of sense of dissatisfaction with emotional pain or life. Sometimes it can be from immediate distress that is related to a definite crisis like addiction, separation or a loss, maybe on ongoing difficulty in part of their lives like work or relationship. For some people it might be due to suffering strong sadness, worry or fear. To some extent individuals might not have a clear external problem, but having inner sense of emptiness, dissatisfaction, or missing something. Screening and assessment play a critical role in psychotherapy. Extend of collecting details during assessment always differ depending on the settings of treatment as well as circumstances. For example, within primary settings like hospitals and medical practices, the aim of screening tends to be for determining hazardous or dependent drinkers. Screening This is described as a formal process of testing used in identifying if there is need or no need of further attention during such moment based on a given disorder, where such context may portray likely of a co-occurring mental disorder or substance use. The aim of the screening process for COD is to provide answers for yes or no question, for instance whether the client who is screened for substance abuse show indications of substance abuse
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