Algaher A Case Study

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On 10/2/17 I met Mr. McDoanld at the pain clinic in IINN. We met with Dr. Algahera. Mr. McDoanld reports and demonstrates shifting in positions due to pain. He reports he has right leg radiation at times. He continues to have trouble with sleeping and getting comfortable. Mr. McDoanld doesn’t want to take a narcotic pain medication. He is taking Flexeril at bedtime along with Motrin. Lidoderm will now be added to see if that helps with sleep. Mr. McDoanld also has a TENS Unit to use as needed. Dr. Algahera said Mr. McDoanld has 2 things going on. The compression of the disc and also a pinched nerve. He would recommend doing the Kyphoplasty first then moving on to epidural injections. Mr. McDoanld is being set up for an appointment
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