Ali Farley's Short Story 'All Confused'

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All Confused by Ali Farley I wake up gagging on tubes that were shoved down my throat. Where am I? A chubby brunette, dressed in blue scrubs with happy-faced suns all over them, scrambles over to take the tubes out. “Oh my goodness! Welcome back,” she cheers with a smile going from ear to ear. “You’ve been out for quite awhile. Do you remember who you are? Can you tell me your first and last name?” “Etha-” I slap my hands over my mouth. That wasn’t my voice. Was that even me speaking? Maybe I didn’t actually say anything
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My mom brought in my old jeans and my favorite Star Wars T-shirt. I slipped on the T-shirt and felt it stretch over my new boobs. The jeans wouldn’t fit over my butt so I had to tie the stupid hospital gown around my waist. This is a complete disaster. How am I supposed to find clothes that actually fit with these things?
Tiffany’s parents walked in the room and couldn’t help but smile. Her mom pulled out some leggings and a really long white Lakers jersey. Great. I love sportsball. Hitting balls into baskets to score a goal is so much fun.
“This would look better,” Tiffany’s mom sniffled. “Unless you really want to wear that.”
“No, I’ll take real clothes. Thank you.” The shirt still didn’t fit quite right and I didn’t like how the leggings were skin tight. I never thought about how uncomfortable girls clothing could be. “I can bring you more of her clothes so you don’t have to get a whole new wardrobe. I know how expensive clothes can be and I wouldn’t want Tiffany’s clothes to just go to waste. I’ll run home to pack you some and meet you at your house. See you later.” The entire ride home Mom couldn’t stop talking about how thankful she was that I was alive and what not. I didn’t know what to do. Everything would be so different. Are my friends still going to be my friends? My girlfriend… “Mom, I need my
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