Alma's Two-State Solution

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Imagine if you were caught between a century old fight between two groups fighting for legitimate rights and valid aspirations. This is the story of the new generation of teenagers’ like Alma, a 19-year-old Palestinian living in the West Bank. For most of Alma’s life she has had to fear for her life and the lives of her family members. What truly stands out about Alma is the deep comprehension that she has about the situation that is occurring around her rather than seeing the Palestinians and the Israelis as two different groups she sees them as one. She believes that at the end of the day that the Palestinians and the Israelis are human beings who deserve dignity, rights, and equal lives. That why for the sake of the new generation of Palestinians and the Israelis the international community should make it their …show more content…

The two- state solution allows for the Palestinians and the Israelis to be able to fulfill their need for self-determinism, which is the right that has been repeatedly encroached upon. The two-state solution will also result in the mending of the relationship that Israel has with the Palestinians and the Arab world and it will allow for citizens of each state to be able to live their lives without the constant fear of violence. To begin with, the two state solution advocates for the importance of engagement and dialogue between the Israelis and the Palestinians and the Arabs of the middle east. In 1948-1982, the relationship between the Israelis and the Arabs escalated leading to a civil war. From 1982 and onwards the tensions have simmered as both side remember the egregious aftermath. This is evident because about 400,000 Palestinians Arabs had fled from Israel after the segment of the war that lasted form 1948-1949 (Gale). The forced mass exodus of the Palestinians has been described by the United Nations Refugee Agency as “one of the most protracted case

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