The Israel-Palestine Conflict And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a matter of controversy for decades, and seems to have no end in sight. In order to evaluate the conflict, one but have a basic understanding of its foundation. The conflict began as a result of British colonization in the late 19th century, when during World War I they promised the land to 3 separate bodies of people. The first being the Jews in a document known as the Balfour Declaration, promising the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. The second group was the Arabs with Sharif Hussein who they also promised an Arab state in the same area. Lastly, was themselves, but they would later leave the area, leaving it to the Jews and the Arabs. Once the war was over and the British left a few decades later, everything seemed to collapse. There would later be two wars between the Jews and the Arabs with the Jewish people winning both, eventually taking almost entire control of Palestinian land. The most commonly fought over, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip are common sites of disputes between the two nations. And to this day the conflict continues over the rights to the land, which is often backed with religious beliefs and nationalism.

As a result of the conflict, terrorism has taken root in these nations. It is used as a way to control territories, fight back against those denying their right to the land, and oppose those who do not recognize the other as a legitimate state. Much of the terrorism is in Israel

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